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Written and designed by Michelle du Toit from Sorrento Events

Summer is fast approaching and with it a whole set of new trends and ideas. At Sorrento Events, we make it our business to not only stay on top of trends, but to always be one step ahead. Always keeping our eyes peeled for what is happening in the international fashion and décor industries as well as utilizing killer instincts, we gain insights on what is to come. Here are a few trends to look out for this summer:

Mineral Beauty

Designs containing minerals or that are mineral inspired has the potential to be real show stoppers. It adds an unconventional twist to the visual feel of your event. From the rough meets luxe feel of geodes to vibrant hues and crystalline forms, this trend can be applied to a wide variety of settings. At Sorrento Events, we have found many different décor elements where this trend can be applied, including place settings, table numbers, party favours and table décor to compliment flower designs. It can also be applied in a more illustrative way. Perhaps you can combine elements such as a table cloth with a sheen and matte sand blasted glasses to create a Geode-inspired table. Using minerals in more than one capacity is a great way to bind together the look and feel of the whole event.

Shimmy Beach Club Sorrento Events Trend Article_Minerals

The Artisan Way

Think less paper and ink and more wood, metal, fabric or leather. Your place cards, menus and table numbers are just as much part of the décor as the centerpiece. So make them count! As the whole fashion and décor industry is striving to be more authentic, these artisan goods is a natural outflow of that. In weddings you see couples wanting to put together a celebration that authentically represents who they are. By using unconventional and artisan materials for invitations, for instance, couples are enabled to break away from tradition. This trend can also be seen in corporate events where companies sometimes choose to make use of sustainable materials which are more environmentally friendly instead of paper and ink.

Shimmy Beach Club Sorrento Events Article_Artisan

Cocktail-Style Events

Sit-down dinners will always be around. It is one of those classic go-tos that will never fail you. However this summer you might consider rather hosting your event as a cocktail-style reception. It is a hot trend for summer 2016/17 that allows guests to mix and mingle as they please. At Sorrento Events, we have seen firsthand how successful this approach is. It is particularly effective with all the function where the clients come from abroad. It is the perfect opportunity for our international guests to mingle and get to know each other, as they are not confined to a 10-seater table for the whole evening. And best of all, this eat-when-you’re-ready approach give guests more time to paint the dance floor all different shades of red. Throw in live music and even a garden and you are good to go!

Shimmy Beach Club Sorrento Events Trend Article_Cocktail

Tone-on-tone Colour Palettes

Applying a tone-on- tone colour palette involves choosing one main hue. Other graded tones within that scheme are then added to match the colour composition. One might think that this will result in a very dull space. However the opposite is true. Applied correctly your event décor will look striking, chic and on trend. You can incorporate this using your furniture selection, flower designs, textiles and other accessories. It is also a great method to pull a large space together.

Shimmy Beach Club Sorrento Events Trend Article_Tone-on-Tone

The Cuban Effect

This story is set in an urban jungle. We have already seen this look creeping into décor during this past year in the shape of large green leaves such as the Monstera plant. However such greens have mostly been paired with minimalistic, contemporary furniture. Summer 2016/17 calls for decor to go bigger, bolder and to not shy away from colour! Events will be ultra-graphic with vivid colours and bold floral patterns. You will see plush fabrics and rich furniture. It is all about the layering. Guests will be transported to a hot summer’s day scene in South America where they experience the freedom to party the night away.

Shimmy Beach Club Sorrento Events Trend Article_Cuban

Foraged Food

Enter the burgeoning trend of food foraging. It is time to get your hands dirty and wander into natural spaces to find your food. You need to keep your eyes open and use what is around you. This food trend is part epicurean and part environmental. Our reconnection to the land and reversion to primitive traditions has led to this next stage in contemporary cuisine. Not only do these fresh and organic ingredients carry value in today’s society, but the meals are also unique, interesting and therefore bespoke. It carries an air of spontaneity. There is a certain sensual enjoyment when indulging in sautéed fiddlehead ferns, stuffed nasturtium flowers and dandelion greens pesto. The same principles can be applied to your flower arrangements. You can incorporate foraged materials into unique decor designs to complete the interestingly new experience.

Shimmy Beach Club Sorrento Events  Trend Article_Foraged

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