We caught up with SAMA nominated artist, TIMO ODV, ahead of his much anticipated performance at Shimmy Beach Club this Friday, as part of hi #ENTERTHEKINGDOM tour. Here’s what he had to say about music, passion and what it takes to get ahead.

When did you start out in the music industry and how? 

I just sat in my bedroom making music on my computer and learning instruments for about 4 years, I made 100’s of songs but didn’t feel any of them were right so I just waited til I knew I reached a certain level I was happy with.

Did you always have a love for music?

Definitely from a young age I was glued to my tape player then my CD player then my MP3.

How hard is it to break into the South African music circuit?

It depends, I’ve seen so many artists push more hype than they do quality music and you won’t get anywhere that way. Even though it’s a tiny industry you still have to make something people can believe in.

What is the most important thing young musicians should focus on if they want to make it in the House Music EDM industry?

Good music that speaks to the culture we have. Too many young producers just copy paste what other producers do, so trying to be original is usually what will make you stand out.

Is there anyone in the music industry you admire and derive inspiration from?

I get inspiration from a lot of different artists but mostly artists I feel are unique and just do their own thing like Drake, John Mayer, Lumineers.

Most music is created from a place of emotion, whether happy, sad, excited, determined etc. Do you agree?  What would you say moves you the most to get the amazing tracks you are producing at the moment?

For me it’s usually any melody I can feel an emotion with, usually nostalgia or sadness, is music is that makes me happy. Happy music tends to be too cheesy, but darker music speaks to my heart.

Is there any new up and coming musician you think we should keep an eye on?

Not really up and coming but Kyle Watson is doing huge things in my opinion.

What is the thing you are most excited about performing at Shimmy Beach Club?

The venue speaks for itself, I don’t think there is another venue in SA that can compare.