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GOLDFISH is back!

Submerged Sundays will once again be headlined by GOLDFISH, who will be supported by a host of internationally acclaimed artists from around the world. There will be seven Goldfish events, with 4 bonus shows through-out summer, which include some of the most in-demand international acts. Submerged Sundays will be back as from the 27 November 2016.

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We chatted to Dom and Dave from Goldfish to ask them what we can expect from them this #ShimmySummer

What are the most challenging things about playing live? 

I think the biggest challenge we have always faced as Goldfish – and where we always try to step up – is that we play almost exclusively our own music. It’s definitely the harder choice in the dance music world to do this when our fellow DJ’s have access to every hot new club banger to light up the dance floor, but we try to bring that same level of energy and vibe with our own music. It’s the thing that sets us apart but also the biggest challenge.  And when that comes together it’s an amazing feeling. Playing live means there are literally thousands of variables that go into making a great experience…and that is what makes it exciting every time, I think the crowd can sense that. Also, other elements like the venue acoustics, the sound system, gear variables, the crowd’s vibe in that city, and has tequila been added to the equation…haha.

Since your last time at Shimmy, you have played to an incredible number of cities around the world – where have been the best crowds to play to?

Had a look back through our calendar and we’ve played 67 cities since our last Shimmy Show…That’s a lot of hotel rooms. Seriously though, New York, London, Vancouver, LA, Boston, Sao Paulo, Maracana Stadium during Rio Carnival, Amsterdam, Chicago and San Francisco have all been unforgettable highlights. Couldn’t pick just one!

Favourite Shimmy moments?

That moment when a massive Cruise ship left Cape Town harbour just as we started our set was amazing…we got such a fright when this massive horn blasted from behind us. It was pretty cool with everyone out on deck waving…and all of us waving back. Actually, I think our favourite moment is actually the culmination of years of growing Goldfish and the Submerged brand, and seeing how many of our fans come out religiously without fail every weekend to have a Goldfish experience with us. That means we are doing something right.

What are the top 5 things you are going to be doing while you are back in South Africa?

  1. Seeing our families. Being based in San Diego for our career these days means time zones and Facetime convos only go so far.
  2. Going surfing with our mates, crystal clear freezing Atlantic water and Cape Town sunsets
  3. Fresh sushi, lazy braais, and fun nights out at all our favourite spots around Cape Town that we have missed
  4. Saying ‘howzit bru’ and not getting a confused look
  5. Playing for our home town who have been with us since the beginning

Any secrets you want to share with us about what to except this #ShimmySummer?

We’ll be testing tracks from our new album (out early 2017) at all of the Submerged Shows. We’re really excited about all the music we have been making this year. Can’t wait to share it with everyone…what better place to do it than outdoors at Shimmy? See you on the sand!

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  1. Say goodbye to summer with a HOT party!
  2. Incredible live entertainment with headliners Goldfish, Black Coffee and more
  3. Ice-cold beers, champagne and tequila – need we say more?!
  4. Views of the Atlantic Ocean and harbour.
  5. Gorgeous seaside stage.
  6. Delicious sushi, burgers, and pizzas – YUMMY!
  7. VIP seating in exclusive couch pockets with waiter service. Party in style!
  8. It’s Sunday and you’re in Cape Town… life is already awesome, so make it unforgettable at SummerWaves!
  9. Your friends are going…
  10. Who needs any more reasons to have fun, so make #10 your own reason you want to be there!

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With beach clubs increasingly becoming the go-to entertainment venues across the party capitals of the world, as well as the cities which boast magnificent beaches, the hospitality industry is sitting up and taking note of what is obviously a winning formula. A formula that has prompted a global shift towards ‘sunset hour’ being dubbed PARTY O’CLOCK! Shimmy Beach Club, South Africa’s premier lifestyle venue is no exception and has confirmed a line up for their popular Summer Calling that will tempt anyone to spend their time outdoors during the Cape Town summer.

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