MyCityByNight caught up with Andrew from Locnville ahead of their Shimmy debut, CB Presents this Sunday

What’s up guys, good to chat to you. Let’s get straight to business… CB, tell us about it. What is CB Presents and what does it stand for?

Andrew: On a literal basis, CB stands for ContraBanned which is a company that we founded when we were much younger for publishing purposes. It’s now grown into our own production house, label and now an events company. In a more poetic sense, CB Presents stands for a uniquely African show with an international and world class appeal.

Talk us about what we can expect on Sunday at Shimmy, will we be expecting new material from all of the acts on the night? We heard you guys have got some new beats ready to unleash on the Cape Town crowd.

Andrew: Yeah, this is really exciting. We’re debuting an entirely new and unheard EP titled CB Presents: African Icon Vol.1 which will be the first in a series. The EP is a 5 track showcase of what CB has been up to in the studio, so it’s a compilation of CB artists and material. So to answer the question, there will be quite a bit of new material as well as all the hits you know.

2017 is going to be a big year for South African musicians, what can we expect from you guys & the rest of the CB project?
Andrew: 2017 is all about CB and what it has to offer. We’re really focusing on getting new music for all artists out as well as venturing into uncharted territory in other facets of the industry. It’s a really exciting time.

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