Meet Pontifexx

Talent in artists like Pontifexx are usually unveiled early. “Prodigy” and “Whiz kid” are not fit for labels for those who have performed in events and shows in different cities of  Brazil, always striving for musical excellence as foundation and the love for the fervor of the dance floor as guidance… That’s how the energetic singularity of Pontifexx came to light.

His latest release on Sony Entertainment, “Out There”, alongside the legendary Latin Grammy winner Gustavo Bertoni hit well-over 1 million streams. The result was the immediate conquest of the agenda of radio stations all over Brazil and the remixes of reputable Brazilian DJs like Future Class and Beowülf as well as international ones like Dimmi (France), Kav Verhouzer and De Hofnar (Holland).

The appetite and interest of someone who lives music and the ethos of electronic music culture since childhood foments the synchronicity and crossroads of his career.  Constant praises by artists like Martin Garrix, Sam Feldt, and Golfdish are motivations to run the extra mile. May the mysteries unravel and the energy follow the stream of what is only palpable in a Pontifexx show.

Pontifexx will be supporting Goldfish on Sunday 16th December at Shimmy Beach Club.

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