Response to negative Press allegations

Press release – 16 April 2015

Over the course of the last year, various articles have been published that either state or imply that Mr. Mark Lifman is a stakeholder in Shimmy Beach Club Proprietary Limited (“Shimmy“).

Shimmy wishes to state categorically that Mr. Lifman is not, and has never been a stakeholder in Shimmy. Shimmy has no relationship whatsoever with Mr. Lifman.
[These reports stem principally from articles written by a freelance journalist Pearlie Joubert which appeared last year. Shimmy engaged with Ms. Joubert who was unable to provide any evidence to substantiate her claim other than a link to a blog purporting to have been created by Mr. Lifman. Shimmy has since taken legal action to have the blog post removed.
Ms. Joubert knowingly confused Shimmy with the “East Pier” project, a failed bar concept for the site that Shimmy now occupies which Mr. Lifman appears to have been involved with. We note that Ms. Joubert no longer openly claims a link between Mr. Lifman and Shimmy although her latest article implied such link.]
Shimmy has actively pursued those who publish these defamatory and unsubstantiated rumours and will continue to take steps to protect its reputation. Shimmy reassures its clients that it is vigilant in applying the strictest corporate governance standards in its operations and prides itself on being a model in the hospitality industry in this regard.


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Issued by Shimmy Beach Club, Lisa Carey, Marketing Manager

Email: marketing@shimmybeachclub.co.za    Tel: 021 200 7778 


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Shimmy Beach Club is South Africa’s premier lifestyle destination venue. Guests dine in a spectacular beachfront setting, idling away the hours in exclusive lounges, decks, VIP areas and a restaurant, with Table Mountain as a backdrop. Voted one of the world’s top ten beach venues, Shimmy is the perfect place for everything from a simple family get-together, to exclusive conferences and elaborate events, owing to its clever layout and versatile decks, breakaway rooms and lounges. During Shimmy’s summer campaign, “Summer Calling” weekends are filled with top DJ’s creating the best parties in Cape Town. www.shimmybeachclub.co.za