The West Coast Rock Lobster has been red-listed by Southern African Sustainable Seafood Initiative (SASSI) and is now endangered. As of Monday, 9 January 2017, Shimmy Beach Club will no longer be serving crayfish on their summer menu.

Crayfish is a popular dish in South Africa cuisine, but due to over-fishing and poaching, the West Coast Lobster is nearing commercial extinction, compromising this rich heritage.

“Conservation conscious – that’s what we are. We know the problem, let’s act now and change and work together on the solutions to turn it around,” says Shimmy Executive Chef Adrian Cook, “We need to be writing our children’s future, not their history books. Surely we want our children to see, touch and feel what we were gifted with in nature, not read about it in a history book with some pictures.”

“It’s our responsibility, our time and our opportunity to be the change that is needed.” Chef Adrian adds.

Shimmy Beach Club is challenging all the local restaurants to do the same.

Do your part and skip the Kreef this summer!

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