SHIMMY RECIPE: Ostrich Burger on a Sweet Potato bun

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Chef Adrian has given us another step-by-step guide to create a delicious burger!

Sweet Potato Bun – What you’ll need:

Orange Sweet potato – 500g
White bread flour – 1kg
Yeast – 10g
Salt – 20g
Sugar – 50g
Luke warm Water – 580ml


Roast sweet potato in the oven covered with rock salt to cook and absorb moisture
When soft, peel and mash and add to the dough as below
Mix all the dry ingredients
Add water sweet potato mash
Dough must be a pliable consistency, ensure that the sweet potato mash is as dry as possible.
Fold the sweet potato mash through to the desired colour has been achieved.
Roll into desired sixe balls and top with black and white sesame seeds.
Allow to rise in a warm area before baking
35g for mini bun and 65g for burger bun
Bake at 170 till golden brown

Berry compote – What you’ll need:

Frozen mixed berries – 1kg
Red onion – 1kg
Castor sugar – 150g
Cinnamon stick – 1
Star anise – 2


Caramalise the red onion slowly in a pan over a medium heat
Add the port and grenadine and cook down till sticky and thick
Mix the berries, sugar and spices, simmer on stove till cooked
Fold the two together when cool

Pickled cucumber – What you’ll need:

Cucumber – 150g
White wine vinegar – 100ml
Castor sugar – 10g
Bay leaves – 2 leaves


Boil the vinegar, bay leaf and sugar till dissolved
Cut cucumber in half and de seed, slice into ribbons
Chill the solution and add the cucumber
Let it lay for a few days in the fridge before using it

Ostrich fillet – What you’ll need:

Ostrich fan fillet – 150g
Olive oil – 100ml
Garlic – 20g
Thyme – 3g
Salt and pepper – as required
Griddle pan


Marinade the meat in the olive oil, garlic, thyme 24 hours prior to use
Season with salt and pepper and grill to desired medium rare
Rest the meat for a few minutes and slice

Additional toppings & ingredients

Sliced tomato
Thick cut onion rings in beer batter
Parmesan shavings


Once the buns are cool, cut and butter them
On the botton bun, place the lettuce, tomato, sliced jalapeno
Then layer the sliced ostrich fillet
Add the onion and berry jam
Top with the pickled cucmber and parmesan shavings
Close the top bun and place skewer through the top in the middle
Finish off with battered onion rings on top around the skewer


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