SHIMMY RECIPE: Venison Carpaccio

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So, you love our Shimmy food and would like to show off your cooking prowess to your friends and family. Here’s a delicious starter hand-picked by Chef Adrian himself!

What you’ll need:

Venison Loin (springbok is generally the easiest to source)
Biltong (as dry as you can find and crush to create shavings )
Caper berries on the stalk
Balsamic vinegar
Cling wrap
Parmesan wedge
Japanese Mayonnaise
Wasabi paste
Fresh lime
Baby tomato
Baby leaves
Seasoning (salt and pepper)


1. Take the loin, and trim excess sinew off
2. Once the loin is clean, season it
3. Reduce the balsamic vinegar by half and cool
4. Roll the loin in the balsamic glaze thoroughly
5. Then transfer into a prepped bowl with the biltong shavings
6. Coat generously with the biltong shavings, keep a third of shavings to the side for later
7. Then cling wrap the loin straight and tightly
8. Then freeze, to set and make it easier to slice thinly
9. Take the capers out of the brine, and rinse for a few minutes in clean running water
10. Dry off and deep fry till crispy
11. Set aside on paper towel to drain excess oil
12. Caper berries can be cut in half
13. Mix the mayonnaise and the wasabi and set aside
14. Cut lime into wedges
15. Grate the parmesan on the finest setting of the grater
16. Then place the grated parmesan onto silicone (non stick surface) paper in a triangular shape (can get mould or cut out one for yourself)
17. Bake in the oven or under the salamander, till melted and caramel colour
18. When melted it will be pliable yet will stay together
19. You can then shape it to stand when set, over a rolling pin or mould
20. The salad can then be mixed together with a bit of olive oil and seasoning
21. For the presentation, the Carpaccio can be thinly sliced and laid flat onto the plate
22. The Parmesan crisp in the centre of the plate upright and the salad inside with the lime wedge
23. The wasabi Mayo can be placed on either side of the carpaccio
24. The dust can be sprinkled over the sliced Carpaccio, as seasoning
25. The caper popcorn and berries can be scattered on the plate as well.
26. A little olive oil and cracked black pepper to finish just before you are ready to tuck in.


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