Wintery Fridays in the Restaurant with DJ Sox

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]Before the next instalment of Shimmy’s Winter Glow: Restaurant Edition this Friday, we sat down with co-creator of the idea (and one of our very own resident DJs) Sox, to find out more about this hidden gem of a dining experience!


You’re pretty well known in Cape Town club scene, but for those who are unfamiliar, tell us a bit more about yourself and your involvement with Shimmy as a resident DJ.
I’ve been DJing full-time for over 13 years and see myself as an entertainer. When I was asked to join Shimmy as a resident DJ I jumped at the opportunity as it is a world class venue!


Yourself and Shimmy General Manager, Malcolm Moodie came up with the concept for Winter Glow: Restaurant Edition. How does the concept work?
It was an idea we had when we saw how busy the restaurant was on weekends. While people stayed and enjoyed their meal, they left afterwards because they were not aware there was more to experience at Shimmy. We put our heads together and came up with an idea to provide them with entertainment at dinner, to prolong their stay, turn dinner into drinks and maybe a dance, without them having to move from the restaurant.


What was the inspiration behind the idea?
Having travelled the world extensively, I noticed that this is a concept that many restaurants employ and Shimmy has the perfect venue, capacity, equipment and staff to pull it off too. So far it has been a hit!


What kind of music and atmosphere (or vibe) can people expect?
The vibe does not take anything away from the dinner setting. It is very relaxed and varies according to the people and energy of the room. We are providing an atmosphere that will suit the mood of the patrons. Whether they want to turn it into a party or not, depends on them 😉 We also feature various other entertainment during the night, so keep an eye out for that too!


Sounds great! Anything else to add?
Definitely come and join us! The food is great and we hope that the entertainment will heighten the already world class experience that Shimmy offers and keep people coming back for more! See you on Friday!


Make a booking for Winter Glow: Restaurant Edition by calling 021 200 7778 or emailing info@shimmybeachclub.co.za

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